Triple 7’s Blackjack

Triple 7’s Blackjack

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By: John Colascione

Triple 7’s Blackjack is one of the most popular variations of the conventional blackjack game. The main reason behind the popularity of this blackjack variation is due to the high bonuses offered for hands with combination of seven value cards.

The rules of Triple 7’s are same as the traditional blackjack game, with some slight changes. The highest payout is benefited for a hand with a Triple 7 Diamond. If a player obtains such hand, the odds for it to happen are comparatively less; the player is much likely to win the jackpot – another attraction of the Triple 7’s Blackjack. Triple 7’s Blackjack can be found in almost all online casinos.

There is a progressive jackpot in Triple 7’s Blackjack and in each round a single currency will be added to the jackpot. Some casinos allow box holders (blackjack players) to place as much money they want in the jackpot. The payout a player obtains from a Triple 7’s table depends on the number of players participating in the game. If there are several players participating in the game, the payout of the winner will be high.

Hence if you are planning to play Triple 7’s Blackjack game, it is a better idea to select a table with several players. The more the number of players who are playing and the longer the table is running the bigger will be the jackpot amount. In Triple 7’s Blackjack, for each seven in a player’s hand he will get a certain amount of bonus, and a larger payout – if he/she wins the round.

According to the Triple 7’s Blackjack rule, for a single 7 the payout is 5:1 and for a suited pair the payout is 50:1. The payout for an unsuited pair is 25:1. Each casino has its own special payout ratio for a Triple Seven, so don’t forget to check it before you place a wager.

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