Problem Gambling

Problem Gambling

By: Margaret Mullen

Although gambling addiction affects less than 1 percent of all gamblers, it is an issue taken very seriously by land-based and online casinos around the world.

Gambling addiction is the compulsive, or pathological, need for an affected person to gamble. Problem gambling can affect all arenas of a person’s life causing financial, social, psychological, and even physical problems.

A problem gambler is someone who feels this compulsive need to keep gambling despite the affects it is having on his/her life.

There are certain criteria that define a problem gambler, including, but not limited to, gambling until every dollar is gone, gambling a longer period of time than planned, thinking about gambling causes you to lose sleep, you have tried to and can’t stop gambling and you leave bills unpaid and spend all your money on gambling.

Addiction gamblers don’t always necessarily gamble in regular methods, at casinos or lotteries, for example. People with this problem will bet and gamble on anything, even meaningless bets with friends or coworkers.

If a person is having trouble determining if they, or someone they know, has a gambling problem there are many tests online from various problem gambling institutes that they can accurately determine if they are affected.

Casinos and online casinos have also taken steps to identify and help problem gamblers, although they acknowledge the fact that most problem gamblers identify themselves first and seek help.

This article was written on behalf of Online Casino. At Online Casino we are dedicated to helping problem gamblers and completely advocate responsible gaming.

Margaret Mullen is a full time mother and part time freelancer. In her free time, she enjoys writing, reading and playing online games.