Playing Online Casino Face Up 21 – A Tutorial

Playing Online Casino Face Up 21 – A Tutorial


Face up 21 is very similar to blackjack; nearly all of the same rules apply. So if you’d like to try another 21 game, face up 21 is a good choice. The object is still the same, try to reach 21 without going over, at the same time you must have a higher total than the dealer.

Card values in Face up 21 are the same as they are with blackjack. Jacks, Queens, and Kings are all worth 10 points. Aces are worth either 11 points or 1 point whichever helps you more. All number cards are worth their face value. For example, if you have a king and an ace then you have a natural blackjack

The rules of Face up 21 are simple. The player places a wager before the cards are dealt. The face up 21 dealer then deals out two cards face up. The player can win in two ways: first if the player’s cards are closer to 21 than the dealer’s then the player wins the bet and second if the dealer’s cards are over 21 then the player also wins.

Here are a few more rules you need to be aware of when playing face up 21. The player wins all blackjack ties, but the dealer wins all other ties. The cards are reshuffled after each hand and are played with 8 full decks. Lastly, player blackjack pays even money.

If you understand blackjack, then you will easily be able to pick up on this variety. Face up 21 is faster paced and a little more is left up to chance, this is perfect for those who are feeling adventurous. Now that you know how easy this game is, download the casino software and try a hand today!