Types of Online Roulette

By: Mahal Ramapois

Roulette – American and European

As many casino-savvy players already know, there are two main forms of online roulette. I plan on covering some of the differences between the two versions of this popular casino game and in doing so, helping you, the player, decide which game suits you best.

The first version of online roulette I would like to discuss is American Roulette. The American roulette wheel has the numbers 0, 00, and numbers from 1 to 36. Because of the extra number present in American roulette, amateurs might be better advised to stick to European roulette because of the slightly better odds.

Secondly, we have European roulette (also known as French roulette). As opposed to its American counterpart, it has all the same numbers except for the “00” that the American version appends. This, as was said above, gives European roulette slightly better odds than American roulette.

One of the subtler differences between the two roulette games is that in American roulette, players receive different colour chips for easier differentiation of bets, whilst in European, players generally receive the same colour chips, requiring the respective players to have to be alert! Also, European croupiers gather up the chips with rather nifty-looking rakes, whereas American croupiers tend to be more inclined towards using their hands.

There is a rule in European roulette called “En Prison”. This allows the gambler, if the zero comes up, to either surrender one half of their outside wagers or to leave them for the next game. This rule drops the house edge even lower, taking it to 1.352 as opposed to the 5.26 available in the American game, thus making the European game slightly more enticing.

At the end of the day, it is up to the player to decide whether he wants to go for the safer bet with European Roulette or if he prefers the thrill of the more risky American Roulette…Read More:Types of Online Roulette

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Triple Shot Bonus Blackjack

Triple Shot Bonus Blackjack

By: John Colascione

Triple Shot Bonus Blackjack is a popular blackjack variation played in many casinos. The exciting feature of Triple Shot Blackjack is that the game has three components – War, Blackjack, and Poker. The game also features a side bet option – the “Hat Trick” bonus. The main aim of the game is to win each individual hand. War and Blackjack are played against the dealer, while Poker which is played against a specified paytable.

Triple Shot Bonus Blackjack begins with the box holder (blackjack player) placing his/her bets. The box holder has to bet of all the three components – War, Blackjack, and Poker – though all three bets do not have to be equal. The player can also place an optional bet – Hat Trick Bonus – if he/she wants. However, to win the Hat Trick Bonus, the player has to win all the other three components of the game.


War is the first component of Triple Shot Bonus Blackjack. The dealer deals one card for each player and one for himself. This hand is played similar to the War table game. The person – the player or the dealer – who has the higher value card wins the hand. Ties lose half of the original bet. After completing the War hand, the player can move to the next part of the game.


Blackjack is the next level in the Triple Shot Bonus game. Here also, the dealer deals a card to each player and one to himself. The player’s card is face-up while the dealer is a face down card. The rules of the game are similar to ordinary blackjack game except some slight exceptions:

* The box holder can only spilt Ace cards.
* The box holder automatically wins if he/she obtains six cards without busting (exceeding 21 points), unless the dealer has blackjack.

After completing the blackjack hand, the dealer can start the next level.


The last component of Triple Shot Bonus is the Poker. Poker is played against a paytable and not against a dealer.

Hat Trick Bonus

If the player wins all the three – War, Blackjack, and Poker – he/she wins the Hat Trick Bonus bet. Hat Trick Bonus pays 6:1.

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