How To Play Bingo

How To Play Bingo


By: Ryan D


Online bingo has a huge following. It is simple and a lot of fun to play.

Bingo is probably on if the easiest gambling games to play, but requires a keen ear, a keen eye and quick reaction. This is what makes bingo the popular games it is today. What follows is a quick overview of how to play online bingo!

Most bingo games online are very similar and are very easy to play. The objective of bingo is very simple. All you have to do is match the numbers in a predetermined pattern on your bingo card. There are literally hundreds of different cards online, all designed to make the game more interesting. Some cards will simply require you to match the number horizontally or diagonally across the card whilst others can have quite elaborate patters that you are required to complete.

When playing online bingo, random numbers are displayed or “called out” one at a time. You keep matching the numbers on your card and if you get the pattern, you have bingo! You want to indicate that you have bingo before any other player by clicking on the “BINGO!” button as fast as you can.

Now what makes bingo online even easier is the automatic or “Auto Daub” feature that most bingo rooms support. You can let your computer play for you. This is an amazing feature, as you can sometimes play many games at the same time, and often as many games as you like.

Some online bingo rooms offer progressive jackpot bingo games. Needless to say there are enormously popular with bingo players. !A progressive jackpot rolls over from game to game until it is won. Many bingo rooms also add all sorts of prizes including merchandise and cash to their games.

Bingo chat games are becoming very popular. Some online bingo rooms have formed huge communities of people who meet up, chatr and play bingo frequently. The activity in some of these chat game rooms can be quite frenzied and takes a bit to get used to but are a lot of fun once you get into the swing of things.

Bingo is very popular all over the world, and online bingo is probably the fastest growing game online.

Ryan is editor of Bingo Ace, an online bingo information site.