Gambling For Seniors

Gambling For Seniors


By: Jay Bauder


Why Senior Gambling Exists?

In the United States, gambling is a prevalent activity. In 2002 alone, surveys show that almost 65% of the American population is hooked up with gambling.

In fact, there are professional analyzers that insist on their findings that there are more people who spend more money in gambling than they would do with the other nonsense items such video games, theme parks, and movie tickets, even if all of these things are combined all together.

Since then, there have been numerous reports about how gambling is penetrated in the society. There are still studies that lack evidence and conclusions about senior gambling.

These should pose an alarming case. This can be attributed to the recent survey done on almost 7,000 seniors, wherein, bingo had ranked as the second most-played gambling game by seniors.

Moreover, the number of senior people who are into gambling have increased from 20% in 1974 to 50% in 1988. These figures can be very alarming in spite of the long gap between 1974 and 1988. Also, this only goes to show that senior gambling is gradually but steadily growing in number.

Because most of the seniors have already gotten their “nest eggs,” they have more tendencies to get involved in gambling because of their money.

So, for people who want to know why senior gambling is so rampant these days, here’s a list of some facts that could be of great help.

1. Senior gambling is prevalent because of the fact that they do not have anything to do and that gambling is the only activity they find lucrative and at the same time gratifying.

2. Lack of attention and deteriorating opportunities made available for their social interaction, older people are more vulnerable to gambling these days. They find gambling as one way of escaping the hard realities of life that they could not bear. In turn, they gamble a lot so as to forget life’s problems.

3. Another reason why a lot of senior people are so much into gambling is that they have money, usually from their nest eggs or retirement funds. The more money they have, the more chances of gambling more.

4. In reality, senior gambling does not delve more on winning but more on the entertainment and satisfaction that they get whenever senior people gamble.

5. More privileges are available for senior gamblers, thus, seniors find it more convenient and more pleasurable to play gambling.

Gambling For Free — Really!

Gambling For Free — Really!

By: Tom Howze

The Process DefinedGambling is fun! With more and more people going to casinos for entertainment, society has accepted gambling as a means to have a good time. And being an adult who has lots of fun gambling, I have found a true method of gambling for free without using my own personal funds if I do not wish to. And it costs nothing. By combining a method of:

Casino Bonuses and Comps
Sources of free money — and I do mean free
Educating Yourself on How to Win at Your Favorite Casino Games

I have been able to gamble for free at land-based casinos and online casinos and come out ahead. Now, I have not become rich from doing so, but the great thing is that if I do lose, my personal funds don’t have to be involved. I put all this information together into my website Just Gamble For Free (

Laying out the basics, this is how the method works:

Casino Bonuses and Comps

You have to realize that casinos do want your business and will give you incentives to play and stay with their casino. By joining with the player’s clubs at land-based casinos, I have not paid for staying at a casino in the past 5 years. I go to casinos about 5 times a year. I do not gamble more than $600.00 when I stay and I receive numerous offers for weekday and weekends stays from many hotel/casinos throughout the United States.

I also receive free meals, and actual money to gamble with at the casinos. (One casino has sent me offers for free stays, meals, drinks and $100.00 CASH to gamble with 9 times within the last 12 months.) Online casinos reward patrons with liberal sign up matches often above 100%, and additional deposit bonuses to leverage your money. You can find out moreinformation and links at

Sources of free money — and I do mean free

Ever receive an email about taking online surveys for cash or cash paying focus groups? I did and they wanted from $39.95 to $125.00 for the information. (Don’t pay it!) But with a lot of extra work I found out how to sign up for marketing surveys at no cost. These surveys can pay up to $200.00 for a couple of hours participation.

Over a 6-month period, I earned $1769.00 and spent no more than 6 hours a month doing surveys. Works out to just over $49.00 an hour. Combining that with free bonuses from casino portals and bonuses the casinos give, I ended up
with $2,665.00 for gambling fun over this 6-month period. I keep a 6 month running survey history of what I receive at

This way I can either:

1.Gamble using none of my personal funds or
2.Leverage my existing bankroll with free money I receive so
I can have more chances to win.

Keep in mind that it takes a little time and effort but it can be done.

Educating Yourself on How to Win at Your Favorite Casino Games

Learning to master your favorite casino games can help you increase your chances of winning. Some video poker games actually have payout odds over 100.00%. Blackjack is also another game where the odds of winning are close to 100.00%. We feature a couple of learning sources on our Education page:

What’s involved in getting started?

I have made gambling for free simple to start, just go to the Just Gamble For Free website ( and follow this 4 step process:

1.Sign up for cash paying surveys
2.Go over the important notes
3.Educate yourself on your favorite casino games
4.Go to the casino portals page and check out the deals

There is no cost. If you have any questions about the site, the surveys or anything else please email me, Tom Howze,

Tom Howze is a webmaster for 9 sites that relate to the World Series of Poker and World Poker Tour events, updates and information to play poker for free online .