Online Keno Strategies

Online Keno Strategies

By: Chen Ching-feng

Although online Keno is a game of pure luck and the numbers are picked randomly, there are a couple of simple strategies often used by players wanting to succeed.

This quick guide will give you some general winning tips and smart game strategies:

Keno strategy #1 : Let the Old Man chase you

Play numbers that haven’t come up in recent games. The theory being that they will start coming up in order to make the long-term results for each number even out.

Keno strategy #2 : Chase the Old Man

Instead of betting on the numbers that haven’t come up the most often, the keno player will bet on the numbers which have come up.

Keno strategy #3 : Play it again

This strategy is used most often in land-based casinos. The player finds a discarded losing ticket from a previous game and plays it again.

Keno strategy #4 : Successive Numbers

Selecting pairs such as 16 and 17 or maybe 53 and 54 would qualify as successive numbers. Although there is no proof this actually works over the long run it does seem like many of the numbers that come out are in consecutive pairs.

Keno strategy #5 : Let it Ride

This strategy is very simple and the most common: play the same selection of numbers for a few rounds…

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