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Types of Online Slot Machine Games

There are usually two types of slots machines: in a real casino they are called Flat Tops and Progressives, but in online casinos they are called normal slots and progressive slots. Normal slots are ones that offer a jackpot that is static, which is a fixed jackpot that will not change no matter how many people played before you or when you play. With a normal slot game online, you know that whenever you go to that particular game that the jackpot will always remain constant. However, with progressive slots, games have a jackpot that will grow continually with the more people who play on it. Therefore the longer that a progressive slot game goes on without paying out the higher the jackpot will become. Because of this fact, progressive jackpots are usually much bigger that those of normal slots.

Like a normal slots game in online casino slot gambling, you have to play the maximum amount of money on a progressive game to win that progressive jackpot. If you do not do so, you are only building the pot for someone else to win, as you do not have a chance to win the jackpot. It is a rule of thumb: you should always play the maximum amount when playing an online progressive slot machine.

Generally, slots on line are very easy to play, but because they are so easy, you should not play any game haphazardly. By doing a little research you can increase your potential for winning at online slots. The biggest factor in finding out your chances of winning and the amount you can win is the payout percentage. All slots games, whether they be regular casinos or online casinos, use a suite of programmed software to tell it how often it will payout as well as how much it will pay out. All slots are random and the game may not know exactly when the payout will be, but the payout percentage will tell the game that after a certain amount of money has been played on the game, it must payout. So with this information you should try find the slots with the biggest payout percentage to increase your chance of winning. The payout percentage is not always easy to find, though, and many times it will not even be listed at all. Many of the online casinos list their payout percentage they have in the Help section of the casino website. If you still can’t find the payout percentage, you can look to find the customer service number as most of the online casinos have a 24-hour customer service line. By law, they are obliged to tell you what the payout percentage is on that particular game.

You can look at the many different sites that offer online casino slot gambling and pick the one that will have the best payout percentage to increase your chances of winning. By doing some research, it can help you out and increase your chances of hitting the jackpot.